Yesterday marked the end of a 2 days(10th and 11th of January) event, the 8th International health conference, 2020 successfully conducted at the Africa Conference Center; International University of Africa. (under the theme " International Health System Integration and policy designation, Role of Medical students in Africa")


The Conference which is organised annually involved a series of speeches and presentations from the University Administrative board, Lectures, Doctors, Students and Health Experts from Sudan and across the world. The Conference was opened officially by a series of speeches from the AMSA-IUA secretary general (Dr. Ebrima Colley), the Founding president (Dr. Nasir Shaban), the AMSA-IUA president (Dr. Fatima Abimbola), the AMSA-IUA patron and Dean faculty of Medicine (Dr. Omer Eladil) then the top officials of the university (the Vice Chancellor with his deputy; Prof. Kamal Obeid and Prof. Musa Taha) respectively.


The event was informative providing a platform for sharing ideas, interaction sessions and information based on scientific researches from the different sectors of profession. Among them were students from the International University of Africa, students from different universities in and outside Sudan, the alumni of AMSA, Lecturers and Doctors, guests From and outside Sudan, then keynote speakers sharing their Experiences in relation to the conference's theme together with Scientific Research papers focusing on the interfusion of Medical students in the Health policy designation in African Health Settings.


Among the emphases made in the conference presentations was the "Africanisation of Health" (Prof. Hassan Bala), students' involvement in extra curricular activities (Prof. Abdurahman Altammami) and youth having a greater impact on the Health sector (Dr. Sheriff Ahmed).


The conference was wonderfully closed by awarding and recognition of the presenters and guests more so with inspiring and enlightening words from the AMSA-IUA patron, Dr. Omer Eladil also the dean faculty of Medicine.


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