The African Medical Students Association at the International University of Africa (AMSA - IUA) is a body which collects the African Students studying in the different faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences at the International University Africa.


The AMSA – IUA is dedicated to empowering trainees in the medical and allied health sciences fields with knowledge and skills that will help them make reasonable decisions and actions through sharing, education, communication, training and advocacy for policy changes on medical and health issues affecting African communities in particular and the world at large.


The goals of the association shall be to serve medical students and society all over the world through its members by:

  1. Orientation, career guidance and empowering new medical students in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of society in accordance to the field of study.
  2. Promoting health and facilitating professional and scientific exchanges as well as projects and extracurricular training for medical students, thereby sensitizing them to other cultures and societies and their health problems.
  3. Providing a link between members, alumni, within Sudan and International organizations, and to encourage the co-operation between them for the ultimate benefit of society;
  4. To unite and foster brotherly relationship among AMSA members with other associations included and to ensure the well being of its members.
  5. Devise means for external support materials from well-wishers in interest of the association’s aims. The external support may include medical related books, funds and any other help in that field.
  6. To create a platform and atmosphere for medical students to develop leadership skills.









AMSA-IUA was founded in the year 2011. It all started with idea from students of having an association to govern all the students from different African countries studying in different field of medicine and allied health sciences at IUA which was later presented to the then dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Late) Professor Mabyou Mustafa Abdelwahab. He welcomed the students' idea and he gave them full support. AMSA was officially inaugurated on June 22nd, 2012 (Friday) with Prof. Mabyou as the first patron and Dr. Shaban, the first president.



  1. Burkina Faso
  2. Burundi
  3. Cameroun
  4. Central African Republic
  5. Chad
  6. Comoros
  7. D.R Congo
  8. Djibouti
  9. Egypt
  10. Eritrea
  11. Ethiopia
  12. Gambia
  13. Ghana
  14. Guinea
  15. Kenya
  16. Liberia
  17. Malawi
  18. Mauritania
  19. Mozambique
  20. Niger
  21. Nigeria
  22. Republic of the Congo
  23. Rwanda
  24. Somalia
  25. South Sudan
  26. Sudan
  27. Tanzania
  28. Uganda
  29. Zambia


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