The traditional medical practice of Africa is of a long history. This cultural day will include presentations and displays on the African traditional medical practice.

This great day of culture and knowledge will serve as a medium for extending of the association, and for the creation of awareness about AMSA-IUA to the general public, and to the students of the medical and allied health sciences in particular. This will help boost interest in the association and its activities.

General objective

Sharing, learning, and exchanging of cultures and values among the different member countries of the association. This will boost interest and encourage participation in the association’s activities.

Specific Objectives

  • Provide medical and allied health sciences students with an insight about different African cultures and traditions;
  • To bring to the awareness of the general public of the various African traditional medical practices;
  • To boost students interest towards participation in AMSA-IUA activities;
  • Creation of awareness to the general public about AMSA-IUA and its activities.



Written on 11/01/2020, 23:11 by amsa
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