The second medical camp was a product of the successful first medical camp that was held on September 2013 Dalgo District-Northern Sudan and involved 24 volunteers with 5 practicing physicians, and 350 beneficiaries.

The camp was successfully held on March 2015 at Algurysha locality-Gadarif state which is located North-East of Gadarif State-Sudan (few kilometers to Sudanese-  Ethiopian boarder). It has a total area of 32000 km2 with a total population of 140,000 and the main economic activities are farming, animal raring and border trade.

The main objectives of the second medical camp were:

  • To provide healthcare services to the less privileged and peripheral communities.
  • To provide health education programs about the primary healthcare practices that will help improve and upgrade the health standards
  • To empower medical students with field knowledge and skills that will help them make reasonable decisions in their future careers.


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